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BCMS: 6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020 Quarter 3, Week 5 (February 24-27)
Posted 2/25/20

6th Grade Newsletter 2019-2020

Quarter 3, Week 5 (February 24-27)

**** Midterm February 27th

Congratulations to the basketball teams and cheerleaders for a successful tournament this weekend. The girls took 1st place and the boys took 2nd. Great season for all teams!

Study Jam is an opportunity to work on assignments, use chromebooks, and/or get help from an adult on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00. Here is where this week’s Study Jam will be:

hg0088Tuesday - Mrs. Hinthorn

hg0088Wednesday - Mr. Garrison

Lunch this Week:

Monday - Hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes

hg0088Tuesday - Warm cheese sandwich

hg0088Wednesday - Chicken burger deluxe

Thursday - Cheesy bread and sauce

hg0088Any 6th grade girls interested in participating in the DYW Young Miss program, paperwork will be due on Monday, February 24th.

hg0088Upcoming Grading Periods for BCMS -

• 3rd qtr. midterm Feb. 27th

• End of 3rd qtr. March 26th

hg0088• 4th qtr. midterm April 30th

• End of 4th qtr./2nd semester June 4th

Math 1  (Mrs. Brandy Warren).

  • We are starting Unit 6- Expressions and Equations. 

    • hg0088Mon- Lesson 3 & 4

    • hg0088Tues- Lesson 5

    • hg0088Wed- Lesson 6

    • Thurs.- Sub will be here- Work on and complete Khan Academy- Move on to Lesson 7

  • Unit 5 Retests will be next week Tuesday (3/3). Test corrections will be due by Thursday (2/27), and the retest will be the following Tuesday (3/3). 

  • There are 4 Khan Academy assignments this week.  

hg0088English/Language Arts (Mrs. Bethany Blackmore) ,

  • Students will take their final morpheme test on Monday defining unfamiliar words using morphemes we have learned in this unit.

  • We are completing final revisions and publishing our explanatory essays this week! 

  • hg0088REMEMBER: I am posting classwork and resources on my Google Classroom account. If you are interested in what your child is specifically doing, or if your child misses school, everything you need should be on their Google Classroom accounts. Students already have this account. If you want to add my classroom to your own account, the code is:   wir6zfh

Reading (Mrs. Jennifer Ansley)

  • hg0088Summer of the Monkeys AR TEST DUE

  • hg0088Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Block testing in the library (ISAT practice)

  • hg0088First Bingo AR test DUE - Thursday

hg0088Geography (Mrs. Susan Stolley)

  • hg00882/24 Invented Animal

  • 2/25 Invented Animal Due Thursday-no more class time to work on this!

  • hg00882/26 Survivor: Hunting and Gathering Simulation Intro

  • hg00882/27 Survivor: Choose Groups, Pick Leader, Name Group 

Science (Mr. Jaak Sanders)

  • hg0088Whew!  Half-way home.  We are beginning our exploration of space and our place in the universe.  Stay tuned . . .. 

  • hg0088There are two videos posted to Google Classroom that may help us understand tides and what causes them

  • hg0088Get ready for Student Led Conferences.  Hope to see you all there!.  

Band (Mrs. Jessica Hanna)

  • Solo and Ensemble music is in the final stages and students are working to polish their performances for March 7th.

  • hg0088Solo and Ensemble letters and permission slips due!

  • Advanced Band is working on Celtic Air and Dance No. 2, ...At Twilight, and Fighting Falcon March.

  • Intermediate Band is working on Eagle Summit March, Voyage of the Dragon Armada and Centurion.

hg0088Yearbook (Mrs. Paula Schulte)

  • No more after school activities to photograph -  we will be building a yearbook!!!

Leadership (Mrs. Kelly Hinthorn)

  • Thursdays are blue and white (Badger) days. 

  • College shirt day is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month

  • hg0088We are planning new bulletin boards

  • We are preparing for March Madness next week

hg0088Art Class (Ms. Dawn Wagner)

  • This week all art classes are creating final drafts for, “Doodle for Google” art competition. This is a national art competition that all middle school art students will be entering. There is a large scholarship attached for the winners of this competition! 

  • Students will bring home final images soon, which need to be signed and returned to me ASAP.

hg0088PE/HEALTH (Mrs. Kerins)


Health Chapter 9 Tobacco

PE/HEALTH (Mr. Hinthorn)

Week of 2-24-20:  Boys PE

  • Semester PE tests- Sit-ups/minute, vertical jump, standing long jump, jump rope/minute, shuttle run, isometric push-up position/50 seconds, pull-ups, wall sits/2:30, sit and reach, indoor half mile run.

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