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Information About Title I

Contact List For Title I

Title I-A: Improving Basic Programs is a federal program that helps students who are most at risk meet state academic standards and be proficient on state assessments. This program provides funding to districts and schools that can be used for professional development, extended-time programs, and other strategies to help raise achievement levels. Title I-A laws hold states, districts, and schools accountable for improving the academic achievement of all students.

Currently, Boundary County School District offers a Title One program in all three elementaries (Mt. Hall, Naples, and Valley View). All schools operate with a school-wide model.

Title One Staff and Contact Information:

Title One Director: Email - Lisa Iverson  
Title One Secretary: Maria  
Title One Paraprofessionals
Cheryl Economu (Mt. Hall)  cheryl.economu@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Mary Krejci (Naples) mary.krejci@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Jordawn Jacobson (Naples) jordawn.jacobson@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Dianna Cossairt (Valley View)  dianna.cossairt@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Lisa Carle  lisa.carle@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Penny Blackmore (Valley View) penny.blackmore@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Sheila Lavala (Valley View) sheila.lavala@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Beth Owens (Valley View) beth.owens@mail.sigsouthwest.com
Michelle Brinley (Valley View)  michelle.brinley@mail.sigsouthwest.com


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